Where to buy rice wine in Saigon

rice wine in saigon

We provide the best Rice Wine in Saigon which is super strong directly from SAPA of Vietnam

As we has a tour to SAPA, we got to know exactly where to get the best Rice Wine and bring it back to saigon.

U can buy it here in Thao dien, D.2, HCMC

Here is some photos of how do they make it

rice wine in saigon

the best rice wine

How to make Really Good Rice Wine

Procedure: Glutinous rice cooked into rice – cooled – sprinkled with yeast – incubated in straw for 1.5 days – when the rice was sweet – poured into crockery jars – leave for 1 day – pour the well water into – seal the mouth and soak for 2 -> 3 months 

Pour into a large pot – spread rice bran around to seal the pot with the lid – alcohol soaked steam pipes lead through the cold water tank – the alcohol vapor is made into wine tibet into a jar

U can pass by HEPE Studio to have a wine test with us. Cheers

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