Huynh Tan Phat – An Talented Artist

Tranh Sơn Mài Trưng Bày Tại HEPE

In the flow of contemporary art, lacquer painting can be a late birth. But its quintessential beauty has a very special attraction. Enjoying lacquer painting is more likely to captivate an openly provocative art.

Tranh Sơn Mài Trưng Bày Tại HEPE

Huynh Tan Phat – an artist with high national pride.

Always explore new spaces, new materials and new expressions. The artist used traditional lacquer material to explore new ways. Break all the rules with new shapes.

Tranh Sơn Mài Trưng Bày Tại HEPE

Although he was influenced by Western painting, he was always aware that he had to take the native culture as the root before he could go far.

In today’s chaotic society, artists are always aware of their responsibility to the community.

Therefore, he created his works with high aesthetic and discovered new things in life through his works.

Tranh Sơn Mài Trưng Bày Tại HEPE

Huynh Tan Phat is a unique artist of fine arts. Born in 1990, he was the one of the talented artists of the University of Fine Arts. With a view full of discovery and multi-dimensional thinking, the works of the artist have a very unique layout and depth of humanity.

The lacquer paintings are both imbued with national soul and fluttering a nostalgic silhouette.

The harmonious combination of lines, shapes and colors in each painting work creates a sense of adjustment and the essence of emotions evoked from the soul of the artist.

Portrait paintings bring inner depth. It evokes the association as well as the profound, profound philosophy of creation.

Two of the outstanding works of the painter Huynh Tan Phat are the works “Circus family”, won the investment prize of the Ho Chi Minh Fine Arts Association, the work has a good layout and exploratory content.

In addition, there is also an oil painting called “Memory” that is being exhibited at the Fine Arts Museum.

Currently all the works of artist Huynh Tan Phat are on display at Hepe’s Studio.

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